The Savage Ranch is an intentional creative community hosted by Love Bailey and his mother, Judy Savage. Located in the Southern California Desert, we are a non profit organization dedicated to giving young LGBT artists a chance to come experience a creative community free from any gender/sexuality discrimination. Here at the ranch, we host special gatherings, awakenings and artist/work residencies. Our interests and goals range from costume, painting, workshops, meditations, festivals, and photoshoots, to gardening projects, building, and more; there are no limits to the possibilities at the ranch.

We offer a unique experience dedicated to giving back to our land the local community and the universe around us. Residency programs as well as all visitations are offered by invitation only and your time at the ranch is marked with a purpose. Beginning to end, we see to it that your experience is productive. By transforming the land along side our own personal transformations, we are able to help each other evolve as creative vessels to the universe. Our vision is to gather together and grow as a community by developing the land to its fullest potential in the most sustainable way possible.

Savage     Family

Brendan Cameron
Simon Sea Pony
Eleanor Wells
Mark Cramer
Los Angela
Judy Bailey
Betty Bailey
BJ Dini
Matty Morbid
Millie Brown
Jacques Smith
Mitchell Kulkin
John Allen
Jon Vaz Gar
Remy Holwick