Dear President Barack Obama,

You’ve done a lot in your eight years in office. You gave us healthcare. You made love legal. You gave us the Fair Sentencing Act. You’re bringing us our first Smithsonian Museum of African-American History right in our nation’s capital on the National Mall.

You also gave us something else. Something that impacted all of us in different ways. You gave us you - a Black president. Little Black kids are growing up only knowing a United States with a Black president. That’s priceless. For the rest of us to see you so in love with Michelle, and raising Sasha and Malia into absolutely phenomenal young women, that mattered. We salute you.

And while that’s all dope, can we keep it a hundred? You’ve been extra trill in the final months of your second term. You told the media not to pop off, you’re pardoning nonviolent drug offenders and then taking them to Busboys and Poets – the mecca of all things Black and Poppin, and we just wanna let you know: We see you!

You represent a long history and future of Black excellence and we want to end your second term the right, trill way. We the People invite you, 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, to come talk your shit at Trap Karaoke: DC Edition on April 29, 2016. Will you accept?

Let's help President Obama close out his term the right way, the only way.

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