We’re organizing the biggest swag surf in history to fight cancer. Join us and be apart of history!


What is the Million Swag Surf?
We're setting a world record for the biggest swag surf ever.

Wow. Why?
We want to raise awareness for bone marrow donations. Historically, people of color are underrepresented in the bone marrow donation registry. This makes it really hard for people of color to find matches. This also makes treatable blood cancers like Leukemia and Lymphoma and Sickle Cell Disease fatal. But if you find a match, the outcomes are much better. It's not so much a science problem, it's a community problem. We need you.

Ok, how do you plan to do this?
The Million Swag Surf is an experience platform that will be activated at large scale events all around the country, such as concerts, homecomings, and music festivals.

What do I do?
The Million Swag Surf is partnering with different organizations that register bone marrow donors specifically. Sign up for our email list and we’ll keep you posted.

Upcoming Events

Sep 10
Coney Island, NY