HLAG Artist Signature Tracks

Anika Nilles


A former HLAG contestant and current international judge, Anika Nilles has appeared on magazine covers around the world and is a veteran of multiple international drum festivals and clinic tours. She is a sensational Youtube drummer and composer with over 14,000,000 views and nearly 150,000 subscribers.

Kaz Rodriguez

Kaz Rodriguez‘ play-along tracks have been recorded and performed by Kaz and covered by a host of today’s top drum artists, from Chris Coleman, Aaron Spears and Gerald Heyward and Alex Rudinger, Anika Nilles and the F+F drum duo.

HLAG Sponsor Suggested Tracks


Drum education website Drumeo offers a variety of cover-ready tracks from its extensive library of minus-drums play-alongs.

Hudson Music

Free downloads of 2 tracks from Mark Colenburg’s new Book/Video “The Beat Matrix Unlocked”
featuring Play-Alongs, Loops and Samples.

Light Speed (minus drums)
Code (minus drums)

To access the tracks, please go to the Hit Like A Girl landing page at www.hudsonmusic.com

Drum Channel

Drum Channel presents a selection of 4 play-along grooves featuring legendary drummer Gregg Bissonette (RIngo Starr) and legendary percussionist Karl Perazzo (Santana).

Latin (With drums/Without drums/Without drums plus click)
Latin Ballad (With drums/Without drums)
Latin Ballad 2 (With drums/Without drums)
Funk 2 (With drums/Without drums)

To access the tracks, please go to the Hit Like A Girl landing page at www.drumchannel.com.

DrumTrax App

Minus Drums tracks composed by Damani Rhodes can be found on the DrumTrax App.
Click here to download DrumTrax app for Android.
Click here to download DrumTrax app for Apple.


Synthetic Fusion
Funk Pop


Electric Neo


7/8 Play Along
5th Degree